Anthony Navarre

Web Developer

4852 W 123rd Pl. Broomfield, CO 80020 USA


Rails Dev, Generalist, BDD fanatic and change agent. Perpetual student of design patterns, cheerleader for automation.

Professional Experience

Factory Design Labs — Lead Applications Developer

2010 — current

At Factory, besides being the primary maintainer of The North Face's Rails CMS, I have deliberately positioned myself as the Digital team’s Agile Evangelist, mentor, and advocate for the use of metrics.

Tools: Rails, Git, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript & JavaScript, Spine.js & Backbone.js, HTML, SASS & CSS, Ubuntu Linux, Resque, RSpec, Cucumber & far too many gems to list here.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully lead on-time, on-budget delivery of dozens of internal & Client projects.
  • Part of 4-man team to build iPad app for enhancing Client presentations — still in use today.
  • Championed Agile processes & more disciplined approach to Design Patterns.
  • Hijacked Rescued meetings with “just enough process”.

Slice of Lime — Web Developer

2009 — 2010

As Web Developer at Slice of Lime, I worked primarily with PHP and jQuery to build custom WordPress themes and Plugins, mostly for startups in varying industries. I was frequently involved in every phase of a project’s completion, and used that position to refine the company’s processes around Quality Assurance and deployment.

Tools: PHP, jQuery, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ubuntu Linux, SVN

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully planned and executed on more than a dozen site launches.
  • Implemented automated development environment setup.
  • Improved development team estimate processes via evidence-based scheduling.
  • Educated staff and advocated on automated deployment through reports and proof-of-concept examples.

Collegiate Furnishings — Web Developer & Projects Manager

2007 — 2008

While at Collegiate Furnishings, I researched, designed & implemented the retooling of the retail website, adapting an existing in-house database to provide more streamlined publication of product data. I also supervised a Web Assistant intern, teaching web standards and best practices as well as PHP basics.

Tools: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails

Key Achievements:

  • Redesigned site’s underlying architecture, using standards-based (X)HTML & CSS to better expose content to search engines, facilitating growth in traffic from 3,992 visitors in October of 2007 to 11,787 visitors in August of 2008.
  • Repurposed site’s Information Architecture, adopting a catalog-centric approach to sitewide navigation, leading to a precipitous drop in bounce rate from over 63% in October of 2007 to an average of less than 33% in each month in 2008.
  • Set in place company’s product copywriting practices for search-engine-optimized online marketing, still in use today.


BA from The Pennsylvania State University in the field of Integrative Arts (so, you know, pretty much all the things).